Are you looking for an affordable way to maintain your dental health without traditional dental insurance? Our compassionate dentist and team offer our Lafayette Smile Program as a cost-effective solution for individuals and families. With this plan, you can enjoy high-quality dental care in Lafayette, Colorado, at a fraction of the cost, ensuring your smile stays healthy and bright. Call Lafayette Dental Excellence today at 303-664-1001 to sign-up today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Leo Polinkovsky.

The Savings
All membership plans include:

  • Periodic Exams 2/benefit yr
  • Fluoride 2/benefit yr
  • Bitewing X-Ray 2/benefit yr
  • FMX/Pano 1/3 yrs
  • Emergency Visit 1/yr
  • 20% Discount on Services (excluding cosmetic)

Adult & Child Program:

  • Regular Cleanings 2/benefit yr

Periodontal Membership:

  • Periodontal Maintenance 3/benefit yr

Other Great Perks!

  • Family Credit $20/member
  • FREE Sonicare toothbrush after 3rd year renewal

Flexible Payment Options
With the Lafayette Smile Program, you have two options to choose from:

(This option does come with a one-time $120.00 activation fee per member)
Child Membership: $29.50
Adult Membership: $39.50
Perio Membership: $59.50

Child Membership: $340
Adult Membership: $450
Perio Membership: $700

Sign Up Today!
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