At Lafayette Dental Excellence, our dentist and team are proud to utilize a T-Scan™, a state-of-the-art digital bite analysis tool. This innovative approach ensures that your dental care is not only effective but also tailored to meet the unique needs of your mouth’s functionality and comfort.

The Revolution of T-Scan in Dental Care

T-Scan technology is a groundbreaking advancement in dental diagnostics, offering a detailed analysis of your bite force dynamics, timing and balance. Unlike traditional methods that rely on subjective feedback or less precise tools, T-Scan provides objective, quantifiable data. This insight is crucial for diagnosing issues related to bite imbalance, such as TMJ disorders, worn or broken teeth and discomfort during chewing. Ideal for anyone looking to optimize their oral health, T-Scan enables targeted treatments that address the root cause of dental concerns.

Experiencing the T-Scan Process

Your journey to an optimized bite and improved dental health begins with a comprehensive T-Scan assessment. This noninvasive process involves biting down on a thin, digital sensor that captures the nuances of your bite in real time. The data collected is then analyzed by our team to identify any imbalances or areas of excessive pressure.

This detailed analysis allows Dr. Leo Polinkovsky to develop a personalized treatment plan aimed at correcting any identified issues. By adjusting your bite, we can alleviate discomfort, prevent further dental wear and improve the overall function of your teeth. The T-Scan process is integral to not only treating symptoms but also preventing future dental problems.

Benefits of T-Scan Technology:

  • Offers a precise, digital analysis of bite force and balance
  • Identifies issues that traditional methods may overlook
  • Aids in the customization of treatments for bite-related concerns
  • Enhances the effectiveness of restorative dental treatments
  • Improves patient comfort and oral health outcomes

Step Forward With T-Scan

Our team is committed to leveraging the latest technologies to enhance your dental care experience. To explore how a T-Scan in Lafayette, Colorado, can improve your dental health or to book an appointment with Dr. Polinkovsky, please contact us at 303-664-1001. Let us guide you towards a healthier, more balanced bite with the advanced diagnostics of T-Scan.

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