Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Lafayette, CO Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Why is visiting our dental practice for whitening, veneers, and other cosmetic dentistry services so important? Having a great smile can make a huge difference in the way you look and feel. We offer a complete range of cosmetic treatments at our Lafayette, CO office to create the confident smile you have always wanted.

You Will Love Our Consultative Approach to Cosmetic Dentistry

We begin with a detailed smile assessment, discussing with you which aspects you like anddislike about your smile. Next, we will discuss with you treatment options to help your smile look more natural, youthful, and healthier.

Decades of Cosmetic Dentistry Experience

As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Leo has enjoyed making a difference in people’s lives. By utilizing various restorative techniques such as veneers, ceramic crowns and dental implants we can completely rebuild your smile so you feel good about yourself and how others see you. The cosmetic dentistry technology today is so advanced that we can achieve optimal results for just about anyone who wishes to improve their smile and general appearance.

Smile Makeover Consultation

At our office, we know that your smile is important to you. A beautiful smile can increase your self-esteem, allow you to feel more comfortable in social situations & help you to be more successful. With our smile makeovers, we can change your life!

A smile makeover refers to any combination of cosmetic dental procedures that enhance the beauty & appearance of the smile, correcting almost any problem:

  • Crooked teeth can be straightened
  • Chipped, broken teeth can be repaired
  • Missing teeth can be replaced
  • Gaps between teeth can be closed
  • Gummy smiles can be recontoured
  • Stained, discolored teeth can be whitened & so much more.

Teeth Whitening

Now you can whiten yellow teeth & virtually eliminate tobacco, tea & coffee stains. Both comfortable & affordable, teeth whitening can make your teeth up to six to eight shades lighter. It’s safe, effective & fast, & performed only by dental professionals.