Lafayette Dental Excellence Giving Back One Smile at a Time

Dr. Friedman and his staff at Lafayette Dental Excellence have been making a difference one smile at a time for over 25 years, participating in charitable dental services. Each year Dr. Friedman gives a smile back to children from disadvantaged or unprivileged neighborhoods in need of dental services. For some of the children, it’s a first time experience to share with the world the joys of a healthy smile. While others may lack the means of visiting a dentist and come to the offices where giving a gift of a smile back to the community has become a tradition for Lafayette Dental Excellence.

One day a year our worlds collide and we understand how small our planet is as we reach out to improve the future smiles for children, who have never known the sensation a smile adds to the sound of laughter. We’ve all shared our smiles with family, friends and visitors, creating incredible memories simply by flashing a set of healthy teeth. It’s a feeling that can’t be described, but one that captures the moment of a lifetime. Dr. Friedman’s services are available to individuals and in partnership with charitable health organizations providing services to the financially stressed or urgent and critical oral health conditions.

Lafayette Dental Excellence continues to give smiling gifts to kids from the surrounding communities to bordering countries and beyond to different continents. These charitable contributions are given to some of our most vulnerable citizens; our children. So many have learned to live with poor oral health and accept it as a way of life. At Lafayette Dental Excellence — smiles that make lasting memories are treasured gifts for children and their families around the world. As Dr. Friedman volunteers his time and services to repair these precious and youthful smiles getting involved and sharing the stories about the importance of good oral health for each child achieves his mission.

It’s an amazing heartfelt feeling to help a child in need and see a parent’s smile of appreciation. As a licensed pilot, Dr. Friedman also participates in the Angel Flight Charity, contributing the use of his airplane for transporting children in need of specialized medical services to the hospital. Dr. Friedman believes in investing in our communities, giving back to those who are less fortunate and need help. He’s taken on the responsibility for the common good, and feels strong about his long standing practice to donate his time, his expertise and passion to organizations reaching out to so many families. As a neighborhood business Lafayette Dental Excellence provides routine checkups, cosmetic and restorative care keeping your smile healthy.

Over the years, he’s volunteered, and put his skills to good use opening the Lafayette Dental Excellence office for a day to kids needing dental care, adopting families through the holidays, participating in Denver’s Metropolitan Smile Program and the Sandy Colorado Mission of Mercy. These are projects where every bit of help and assistance contributes to someone’s better health, making the world a better place.

As our hearts go out to others, who are less fortunate, the internal gifts of friendship are intangible benefits for both the giver and the receiver and like a healthy smile these benefits keep on giving throughout the year. These values are rooted in the dental services of Lafayette Dental Excellence providing its customers and clients with the best of technology assuring they are in safe hands. Best of all the community becomes a part of these charitable contributions through their patronage, allowing Dr. Friedman and his staff at Lafayette Dental Excellence to keep giving a smile to someone in need.