High-Level Dental Offices

Ready to serve all of your family’s dental needs, the medical and administrative team at Lafayette Dental Excellence operates at the very highest industry levels. Our firm commitment to excellence in all areas of dental care really sets us apart from our competitors.

High-Level Training

First and foremost, we stress the importance of high-level training for all medical personnel. Unlike other dental offices that typically don’t employ hygienists, Lafayette Dental Excellence views these highly educated and board licensed professionals as integral members of the medical team. Under the direction of head dentist Dr. Friedman, Lafayette’s dental hygienists provide a level of care that exceeds all expectations.

All Lafayette Dental Excellence medical staff members have the highest levels of training in their prospective fields. This enables them to assume expanded duties and offer a range of specialized dental services. Lafayette Dental Excellence is fully qualified to provide everything from routine checkups and cleanings to comprehensive cosmetic and restorative care. We also employ the latest technologies and techniques to effectively treat gum disease.

High-Level Administrative Staff

Our dedication to excellence is further reflected in our administrative staff. We are recognized as a high-level dental office, in part, because we feature the most committed, courteous, and experienced receptionists in the area. By hiring only trained professionals, we ensure that the first person you see when you walk into the office is both friendly and knowledgeable.

In order to provide the very best medical care possible, Lafayette Dental Excellence places a strong emphasis on getting to know each of our patients as individuals. Dr. Friedman draws upon years of extensive training and clinical experience to deliver a practice that is redefining the definition of trusted and personalized dental care. Through ongoing research and training, he and his staff continue to remain up to date on the latest medical advancements and techniques in their prospective fields.

High-Level Education

The Lafayette team also stresses the importance of detailed patient education. Determined to provide all the information necessary to make informed healthcare decisions, we always explain treatment options thoroughly and clearly. We also carefully listen to all patient questions and concerns. By developing a personalized relationship with each patient, we can better determine the course of treatment that will best fit his or her unique medical needs.

Working together, our health-centered team of dental professionals are firmly dedicated to making your office visit as productive and comfortable as possible. We insist on operating at the highest industry levels to meet the specialized dental needs of our diverse local patient base. Lafayette Dental Excellence looks forward to showing you how a high-level dental office can improve your dental visits, your health, and your life.