Dr. Friedman Gives Back

Free Dental Care For Those In Need

Each year, Dr. Friedman and his staff at Lafayette Dental Excellence donate a day of free dental care for local children who would otherwise not have access to dental care. Over the last ten years they have provided over $100,000 in free care to disadvantaged children. With the assistance of Spanish interpreters, the parents are taught about healthy eating habits and oral care. Give Kids a Smile is always a fun day for the entire staff as we work as a team to do as much care on these kids as possible. Dr. Friedman also provides care to handicapped adults and women who have been the victim of domestic violence.

Colorado Mission of Mercy

This past year Dr. Friedman and his assistant Sandra spent a day working at the Colorado Mission of Mercy where hundreds of low income adults and children can get free dental care.

World Travel

Dr. Friedman and his wife Debbie traveled to Nepal where they spent a week in Katmandu treating hundreds of children who have never seen a dentist. So many of the children where in pain and had to have teeth extracted. Dr. Friedman has done dozens of international medical missions over the past 25 years, even flying his own airplane to remote Mexican villages to provide dental care to the indigenous population. The Indians live like they did 500 years ago in mud huts with no windows or doors. They do not really have a monetary system and trade for daily needs. Many of the children are malnourished and some die of starvation. The trips to Mexico allow Dr. Friedman to use two of his unique skills both as a pilot and a dentist.

As a health care professional, we all have an obligation to give back to our communities and the world as a whole. It is truly a privilege to be a dentist and help those in need.