Lafayette Dental Excellence Giving Back One Smile at a Time

Dr. Friedman and his staff at Lafayette Dental Excellence have been making a difference one smile at a time for over 25 years, participating in charitable dental services. Each year Dr. Friedman gives a smile back to children from disadvantaged or unprivileged neighborhoods in need of dental services. For some of the children, it’s a… Read more »

How to Enjoy a Healthy, Cavity-Free Halloween

While Halloween is a great holiday for pretending to be someone – or something – else, and gathering lots of tasty treats, it’s not exactly a great holiday for teeth or overall health. That’s obviously because most of the treats that trick-or-treaters bring home are sugar-rich and chewy, which can help lead to tooth decay… Read more »

Help Keep Your Kids’ Teeth Strong with a Healthy Diet

The importance of helping your child maintain a healthy and beautiful smile is sometimes overlooked by parents during the course of a busy day. Aside from avoiding the discomfort of fillings and aggressive teeth cleaning, plaque buildup and dental decay can cause significant pain, tooth loss, and shifts in the position of teeth which can… Read more »

Reliable Radiography: The Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Quality imaging equipment is crucial to providing patients with adequate dental care. Dentists rely on x-rays to identify dental problems, guide themselves during treatments, and educate patients about dental hygiene. Digital x-rays let dentists take images safely and effectively, offering the following benefits: Reduced Radiation Exposure By using digital x-rays, dentists can significantly reduce their… Read more »

Sports Drinks and Your Teeth

Sports drinks are a staple of both young people and adults alike for many different reasons. Many sports drinks contain electrolytes, for example, which can be helpful to maintain energy levels when engaging in physically intensive activities. Sports drinks are also seen as a tasty alternative to water when it comes to staying hydrated on… Read more »

Mouthguards Offer Proven Protection Against Dental Injuries in All Sports

Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s department of Sports Medicine estimates that up to 25 million children and adolescents participate in competitive sports. A staggering 36 percent of all unintentional injuries to these active youths are sustained when participating in these activities, with nearly 20 percent of those injuries involving the face, jaws, and teeth, according to the… Read more »

What to do When Your Tooth Gets Knocked Out

Injuries that lead to knocked out or broken teeth raise concerns about your appearance. You may be worried about the possibility of expensive treatments or a gap in your teeth. Even though a knocked out tooth can cause concerns, it is not the dire situation that you might imagine. The National Association of Endodontists reports… Read more »

Dr. Friedman Gives Back

Free Dental Care For Those In Need Each year, Dr. Friedman and his staff at Lafayette Dental Excellence donate a day of free dental care for local children who would otherwise not have access to dental care. Over the last ten years they have provided over $100,000 in free care to disadvantaged children. With the… Read more »

High-Level Dental Offices

Ready to serve all of your family’s dental needs, the medical and administrative team at Lafayette Dental Excellence operates at the very highest industry levels. Our firm commitment to excellence in all areas of dental care really sets us apart from our competitors. High-Level Training First and foremost, we stress the importance of high-level training… Read more »